Monday, February 9, 2015

#FLIPKART Park Avenue Men's Essential Kit (Set of 6)

 #FLIPKART  Park Avenue Men's Essential Kit (Set of 6)


Good buy at this Price: Rating: 4 Out of 5
1. Park Avenue After Shave Lotion - 50 ml : Great Fragrance, Solid Glass bottle.
2. Park Avenue Shaving Cream - 70 g : Great Fragrance, good for people using cream and shaving brush.
3. Park Avenue Shaving Brush No.1 : good quality brush, soft, white, gentle on skin.
4. Park Avenue Deo Talc - 100 g : Plastic bottle, takes most of the space the pouch, Great fragrance though.
5. Toilet Soap - 150 g: Good
6. Apache Triple Blade Reusable Razor with 3 Titanium Chrome Blades No.1 : Light weight, some may feel that quality is poor because of the light weight. Sharp Razor, in all gives… (Expand) 

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